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RevHero is not a wholesale lead generation company, but we can provide you with a method for organic generation of targeted quality leads.

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Sales Automation

Double Your Speed To Lead

Be first to reach your prospects before your competitors! Streamline all your communication in one place so that you can double your speed to lead and fill your pipeline!

Instantly Pack Your Calendar

Say goodbye to prospecting! RevHero sales automation schedules appointments for you automatically so that you can close more deals.

Build Effective Nurture Campaigns

Get up to an 80% response rate from your leads and customers with RevHero automation campaigns that interact across multiple channels.

Gain Key Insights Into Performance

Easily see how well your campaigns and sales team are performing so that you can increase your opportunities and sales.


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Say goodbye to prospecting! Stop Chasing Leads & Start Closing More Deals with RevHero Sales Automation. Using the power of automation, RevHERO gets you in front of potential clients before your competition! Appointments are automatically scheduled for you by reaching out to prospects across multiple channels eliminating boring repetitive tasks so that you can focus on closing deals. RevHERO is primarily a business-to-business sales solution, however there are some applications for sales teams who sell to individual consumers as well.

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“RevHERO turned my business around. We run a PEO business and our sales process was doing great… until COVID. Our reps used to have to break down the door to get leads and then close them. However with COVID everything went 100% remote we had no idea how to adapt. The RevHERO team came in, designed entirely new sales flows for us, wrote the content for it, and then automated it. Now appointments are set for us automatically and we’re doing better than ever. ”

“I run a medical software company and my reps were struggling with getting in front of decision makers. Sales targets were not being met on a consistent basis and we knew that an improvement needed to be made. RevHERO came in and established a rock solid sales process including everything from writing outreach copy, setting up sales flows, and fully automating lead generation. Our reps now have their calendars packed with qualified leads, and are hitting their quotas on a consistent basis. ”

“We’ve been in business for a couple of years now but I was the only one selling our services. PPC, SEO, Websites, Social media and we had grown to a good size but we wanted to take it to the next level. After a quick call with Brian I was convinced that RevHERO was the way to do that. They designed a ground up sales process for us and then automated it for us- now we’ve got a monthly meeting where we go through and continue to tweak and A/B test the sales process like what we do for our marketing clients. Couldn’t be happier and I’d recommend them to anyone who wants to grow but doesn’t know how. ”

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