The Problem

Creative 813

Creative813 is a Web design and development company located in Tampa, FL. Their owner, Zach, was the sole sales person even though they had a full operations and client delivery team. He was struggling to make the sales process scalable so he could hire reps, let alone manage his own workload between incoming leads and outbound sales.


To address the problems Creative813 had, RevHERO
implemented the following:

  • Full automation of lead outreach using linkedin and
    email automation

  • Automating follow ups using multiple channels

    • Email
    • Text
    • Voicemail Drops
  • Implementing a power dialer to increase dials
    per hour from 20 to 60

  • Automated invoicing

  • Automated meeting reminders

  • Designing all new sales copy, and pitches

  • Outcome
    • Leads per week increased by 400%
    • Man-hours needed per close decreased by 80%
    • Overall sales increased from 4 per month to 30 per
      month by enabling Zach to hire on a sales team
      supported by the new process

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