Our Story

Zach and Brian first crossed paths when Zach was looking to scale his business Creative813. Creative813 is a custom web design and development company based in Tampa, FL and Zach was doing all of the sales himself- however he was getting crushed by the tedious nature of doing sales without automation.

Sending endless emails, LinkedIn, Facebook and text messages, voicemails, and manually dialing prospects for hours without actually reaching a single human! He couldn’t see any way out of it for himself, let alone to hire other sales people to bring onto a team like this.

Then Zach met Brian. Brian’s background is in building and scaling sales organizations, and between the two of them they devised a way out of the monotonous life of manual selling, and RevHERO was born.

Using RevHERO’s sales automation – Zach was able to go from pitching 3-4 people a week to having meetings pre-booked for him and then went onto hiring on a sales team using the same processes.

Sales shot through the roof and Brian and Zach decided that RevHERO can and will help other companies crush their sales goals.

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Zachary Senz Kamler
Brian Olson

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