Our Story

RevHERO’s origins are unique in that we are our own success story and our own first customers. In 2020, our CEO Zach and our CRO Donovan were working at a web development firm averaging 4-5 sales a month, mostly with unqualified, lousey leads. We implemented this automation software, and the results were outstanding. That very first month we grew to averaging 30 sales/month, and saved hundreds of hours in busy work. We knew we were onto something with this software and decided to leave the web development space and start up RevHERO. Since then we’ve been featured in multiple publications, such as Yahoo Finance, and we’ve signed clients like iHeartMedia and many others, big and small. We set out to solve a problem and succeeded, and that’s what we want to do for you and your business.

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Zachary Senz Kamler
Chris Donovan

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