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Using RevHERO’s AI Sales Automation

The problem with sales

Sales is about relationships, so why are you drowning in busy work? Sales professionals get bogged down by:

Researching Prospects

Manually gathering and verifying information about potential customers.

Lead Engagement

Spending countless hours crafting and sending personalized messages to keep leads engaged.

Scheduling Meetings

Coordinating calendars with prospects.


RevHERO’s Solution

We solve these sales problems using AI personalization, Multi-channel campaigns with outcome automation, SWARM, A/B testing with advanced analytics, and direct CRM integrations. Scroll down to learn more about our features.

AI Personalization (beta)

One of the most time consuming parts of sales is doing background research on your prospects and then personalizing each message to each specific prospect. RevHERO’s AI personalization collects background information on the prospect’s Facebook, Linkedin, and company website as well as information about where that prospect is in the sales funnel. Then it can personalize outgoing messages in real time at sale.
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Build Your Own Automated Multi-Channel Outreach

RevHERO’s campaign builder allows you to easily build and customize your own multi-channel campaigns for prospecting, outcomes, nurture, or follow-up.

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Linkedin Automation

RevHERO allows you to connect your LinkedIn account(s) to find targeted leads using LinkedIn’s search parameters or sales navigator. It then makes connections, and sends messages, all fully automated by RevHERO’s system as part of a true multi-channel campaign. Use Linkedin messages to prospect, follow up, or nurture.

Email Automation

RevHERO allows you to connect your email account(s) to send and receive personalized messages, all fully automated by RevHERO’s system as part of a true multi-channel campaign. Use email messages to prospect, follow up, or nurture.

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SMS and Voicemail Automation

RevHERO’s built in phone system allows you to purchase dedicated phone numbers to send and receive SMS messages as well as send Ringless Voicemail Drops in your own voice. This process is fully automated and personalized by RevHERO’s system as part of a true multi-channel campaign. Use SMS messages and Voicemails Drops to follow up, or nurture.

OUTCOME based automation

RevHERO’s outcome-based automation streamlines your follow-up process. Simply select the appropriate outcome after you interact with a prospect and our system takes over the follow-up sending tailored follow-ups across multiple channels. Did a prospect miss a meeting? Mark the prospect as a ‘no-show’ and RevHERO will re-engage them using AI personalized messages, encouraging them to reschedule. This versatile feature can be adapted to various common outcomes in your sales cycle, significantly reducing your manual effort and enhancing overall productivity.
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Swarm (beta)

SWARM scales your prospecting and outreach campaigns by allowing you to create virtual prospectors and appointment setters, known as Virtual SDRs, who can prospect on behalf of your company. Connect Linkedin and email accounts to each Virtual SDR and give them a region and target to prospect in or upload a lead list and our inbox rotation feature will split the leads between all of your Virtual SDRs. SWARM offers unlimited email and LinkedIn message sending within account limits and consolidated inboxes for easy response management.

A/B testing and advanced tracking analytics (beta)

Use RevHERO’s advanced analytics to track conversions, where a meeting came from within a specific campaign, positive and negative response rates per stage, and more to enhance your campaigns. Combined with native A/B testing, your multi-channel campaigns can be optimized to improve your entire sales process.

CRM integration

RevHERO pairs with your CRM seamlessly. With native API integration to most major CRMs and custom CRM integration available, you don’t need to change your existing sales process to cater to RevHERO. We integrate into your existing workflows.


What our clients are saying about us

About us

RevHERO’s origins are unique in that we are our own first customer and success story. In 2020, our founders were working at a web development firm where each salesperson averaged 4-5 sales a month, and this required spending about 60 hours a week on the sales process.
After implementing the first iteration of RevHERO automation the results were outstanding. Within 3 months we grew to an average of 30 sales/month/sales person while saving hundreds of hours in busy work. At that point, we knew we were onto something with this software and decided to leave the web development space and start RevHERO.

Case studies

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